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The calculation of Statista’s Market Outlook is based on a complex market-driver logic including over 400 region-specific data sets.

There was no reason for Adam Hilarie to believe anything but the obvious: He had just been on a promising first date with a pretty girl.

The “Penetration Rate” box shows the share of active paying customers (or accounts) from the total population (adults aged 16 and older) of the selected market (market segment, region) for each year.

Until she stumbles upon one, the shark handler and cave-diving instructor contents herself with the next best thing: logging both experiences in the same day. Careen down a wall, be it at Mary’s Place or John’s Spot, and be overwhelmed by color — sponges in merry-prankster hues elbow for room among sea fans and corals. A Bonaire dive vacation defines "user-friendly." Local operators offer true drive-and-dive packages that include rental trucks outfitted with tank holders, plus drive-through fill stations to simplify the process and keep divers wet in the most convenient way possible. Now meditate on patience: In moments, an eagle ray, turtle or tarpon will appear. More-modern vessels — including Civil War-era steamers like the 1.

Bermuda A shark-filled cave is local legend Cristina Zenato’s ideal dive. Whatever the reason, one dive reveals that these efforts are working: The environment supports the small stuff, from frogfish to seahorses, plus a slew of larger wonders, like nurse and Caribbean reef sharks. But it’s more than just the natural attractions and plentiful marine life that put Bonaire at the top of our readers' list. For flat-out consistency, the Cayman Islands are tough to beat. You’re good on air, so you cozy into a sand channel. While any recognizable wooden structures of the oldest vessels — and others — are long gone, interesting artifacts such as ballast stones, bottles, and anchors tell tragic tales of weather, reef, and misfortune.

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Beautiful, accessible and packed with marine life — these are among the many favorite things divers love about the sun-kissed islands in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Grand Bahama delivers an adrenaline rush in many underwater forms: Caribbean reef sharks, a massive cave network and almost a dozen deep wrecks. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Here the wonderful world of macro is always present: The longer you study a patch of reef, the greater the number of nudibranchs, sea slugs and crabs that reveal themselves. It’s that variety that prompts resorts to shuttle divers by boat when you could just kick out from shore. Plus, the local waters are consistently warm and the weather balmy, so it’s one of the best dive destinations in the world to rack up more bottom time than you ever thought possible.

Read more about the best scuba diving in the world: 2014 Reader's Choice Top 100 Awards 1. Kneel and watch a shark-feeding show, or don chain mail and try your hand at offering snacks to predators. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Nobody wants to remain a beginner. Silver Bank, Dominican Republic There are few encounters in the world that can compare to sharing the water with a whale shark. Curaçao won high honors in this category thanks to healthy reefs, currents supplying a steady nutrient stream, and stellar visibility that eases the hunt. How much bottom time you log is determined only by your ability to fight the itch for a cold Salva Vida and a hammock siesta.

Or it could be the enforcement of Roatan Marine Park policies that has secured the island’s win in the Best Marine Environment category. When you share stories at the bar during sunset happy hour, you’ll discover that most of your new friends have been here before — many times. At special times along the plunging walls, it seems as though you could see straight to the bottom. The visibility unfurls endlessly in all directions. Lobsters and green moray eels feel their way from inside hidey-holes. With more than 300 sunken ships — charting no fewer than 500 years of nautical history— on display below the surface, no other destination in the Atlantic or Caribbean can match the remote island’s roster of historic underwater attractions.

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands Maybe it’s the Bay Islands’ implementation of 60 mooring balls as of 2009. With more than 60 named sites peppered along its western shore, there’s enough underwater variety to keep intrepid divers engaged visit after visit. And in Riviera Maya’s numerous crystalline freshwater caverns, it might just be impossible to take a bad photograph — and that can only increase your odds of capturing your best image ever. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands (pictured above) 2. Perched at the edge of the 25,000-foot-deep Cayman Trench — the deepest part of the Caribbean — the trio of islands benefits from very fortunate geography. (They’ll be there come safety-stop time.) Drop to 100 feet. The passing Caribbean reefie twists its torso for a split-second, changing course for a closer inspection. Purple tube sponges jut out several feet, like horns in a Ricola ad. 1 vote-getter in the Best Wreck Diving category for 2014.

The “User Penetration” tab shows a comparison of user penetration rates for 50 of the world’s leading digital economies in the selected market (market segment, region) and year.