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I know that you guys separately had each gone through breakups. So I went to Los Angeles, the land of cocaine and hookers. I had just got divorced, I had a couple suitcases filled with sailor shirts, and I just went out into the world! So anyway, he was quite single when you guys began working on this, and Binki, you were in a relationship. And we're good friends, and our writing sort of became extensions of our conversations and us just spending time together. NORRIS: It on some songs, I think "Casanova" has some of that feel to it.

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After performing in heels left her feeling nervous onstage, Shapiro reverted to a jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers uniform.Its hard to look nice when youre in a van with a bunch of sweaty boys, she says, referring to the rest of Little Joy: Los Hermanos Rodrigo Amarante and her boyfriend, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.Possibly because just before this tragedy of cinema I had enjoyed the flawed, but overall quite endearing "The Rewrite". And enduring this story had me thinking back to a scene in "The Rewrite" where Hugh Grant teaches his class that "any good story must be character-driven, not the other way around."It is certainly true for "Playing it Cool" that its story drives its characters, and its story is as clichéd and predictable as they come.But that isn't necessarily a problem; I expect romcoms to be predictable or clichéd, and I don't hold it against them if they do. Missy Elliot, "Nobody's Perfect" Ok, it's not the most romantic song, but that's what Michael Buble's for.

Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other's most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives. This is the second time Topher Grace and Luke Wilson share the screen. Luke Wilson plays the guy who bullies Topher Grace's character and steals his girlfriend in season 4.

But he really needs to make the script, so he turns to his friends for their experiences. But the thing I learned, is when you actually care about the person, you don't feel guilty."My palm should be in my face at this stupendously ignorant and completely illogical anti-philosophical piece of word gobble, but it was physically impossible as my clenching of my fists were instead turning my knuckles white while I was hammering at the stop button.

Why I endured this travesty for almost an hour is beyond me.

When I first heard Binki, she conjured images of those rad girls in the band, like Nico from the Velvet Underground.

One of the guys, yet uniquely feminine, Sternberg says.

A screenwriter working on a script for a romantic movie is having a hard time because he is a little jaded when it comes to love since his mother abandoned him when he was a boy. See more » "My whole life, I've felt guilty after sex.