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Looking for the same application but using WCF Duplex binding instead of sockets? Changes in Silverlight 2 beta 2 prevent direct socket connections without a policy server.

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You have your own Video chat solution including Video, Audio, administration, customizing...(see more features here) If you do not know how to deploy it, please check out the requirements.We can do the job for you including configuration, installation: we will give you keys to get your own video chat for your website.Then you are free to change whatever you want: colors, languages, graphical aspects, add more features since you have the FULL documented code source included ready to be used for your website: Video/Audio chat finally unleashed for your own website !The host needs to be able to push messages to the clients. Please email me or post the comment here so that i can move ahead with the application It should work if you follow these steps: 1) Make sure to also start the included Policy Server by double clicking Go Go (a command window should appear and it must stay on! Do you have the version with the policy server included? 2) Start the (also a command window, must stay open) 3) Open the Chat Socket Test Page by using the visual studio build in webserver The address of your page should be something like: and not.

I am not able to push messages to silverlight using webservices, so therefore I used sockets to push data to the silverlight client. The host is a windows console application which listens for incomming socket calls at port 4530. C:\develop\etc\ Just wanted to drop you a line and say that it works just fine on my Vista computer. Hi, thank you for your job but I've a problem after i've sent the first message.

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