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i'm familiar with asian women and not to over generalize, but lots are taught from very young not to be confrontational and refrain from speaking out too much.judging from the replies to my threads, seems like white women are more comfortable expressing themselves openly. OP I may not know your upbringing or the circumstances of your childhood but what cracks me up is that you are ASIAN making assumptions about other Asians.

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[…] Read more If you’ve never been involved with a cunning, pathological lying, narcissistic, abusive partner, you may not know what you’re dealing with.

When you date an abusive personality, you may buy into his charm, braggadocio, and phony façade while downplaying his inconsiderate and questionable behavior.

Love can come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you never know when it’s going to strike.

When you have an open mind and an open heart, finding that special someone online, whether it’s for one great date or a relationship that lasts a lifetime, in a sea of billions becomes that much easier.You may also find that this advice is strongly biased toward the male point of view.That should not be too surprising, since I have lived all my life as a male and I have little experience looking at the situation from the other side.If you have a beef with that, then either write an equivalent article from the female perspective (I would gladly host such a page) or just quietly put up with my rants.Also, realize that I have some personal steam to vent and this may at times color the presentation.Some of the same things that work in real life, also apply to online flirting.