Amy adams and patrick dempsey dating

Although Amy Adams is expected to return for the movie, neither she nor Patrick Dempsey, who played her true love Robert, have officially signed on. If anyone wants to try to convince me that Patrick Dempsey is a shady d-bag, you really won’t have to spend too much time on it. Dempsey, as we all know, was abruptly written off last month.

Yet, as the work finally dried up and the marriage crumbled, so the actor blossomed. And those nerdy, faintly feral looks also mysteriously changed (there are rumours of a nose job, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt).

The ugly ducking grew into a gorgeous hunk and, in time, the gorgeous hunk landed a leading role as a hottie doctor on the medical soap, Grey's Anatomy. 'It's a traditional Hollywood tale,' he says in his light pipey voice. Sitting in his suite in Claridge's, having jetted in from LA the night before, Dr Mc Dreamy - as the Grey's heart-throb is commonly known - looks like he needs some sleep.

“[His co-star] Ellen Pompeo found out and was angry because she’s close friends with Jillian, so of course, she told her,” the insider explains, adding that the situation even led to Mc Dreamy’s death on the show in April after the actress spilled what she knew to the show’s creator and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes.

“Shonda has no patience for that kind of behavior.” Though their characters seemed love-struck with each other on-screen, the source says that “there was tension in Patrick and Ellen’s relationship for years before the final blowup,” adding that Ellen “was sick of his behavior on and off set.” In particular, she hated his relationship with the female co-worker, who is in her early 20s.

Now, nearly 10 years later, it seems as though the film is finally back on track, with Adam Shankman agreeing to direct the film. Whether or not Disenchanted will be the final, theatrical title remains to be seen, but for now, that's what it is.

He has worked on Disney films in the past, as well as the musical Hairspray, so him taking over as the director seems like a good fit. The first movie featured a superstar cast, and it appears likely that at least half of them will return to reprise their roles from the original.

How could a movie that was tied up so perfectly in the end possibly be matched?

As a fan of the original, I think that it can be done, but it will have to be with great care.

Though in Britain the show has a relatively small profile on Five, in America it vies for the top-rated slot with CSI.

'It's a major soap, and he's a fantasy figure,' Dempsey admits.

At the moment, the plot takes place 10 years after the original film, which is perfect, as that is how long it will have been when filming begins.