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11 Penn State and Hobart in its first two weekends, while the Great Danes dropped a one-goal heartbreaker in its season opener at Syracuse before dismantling Drexel (19-8) and UMass (17-8) to improve to 2-1 on the year. Cornell is off to an 0-2 start after falling to No.Laura: How about from now on we just randomly call you every - like we call you a name of a random radio personality.

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The first-ever meeting came 10 seasons ago when the Big Red defeated UAlbany in overtime of 2007 NCAA tournament quarterfinals, held in Princeton, N. Cornell went on to win the next meeting as well, a regular season match-up in 2015 in the seventh annual Patriot Cup held in Dallas, Texas.

The Great Danes earned its first win in the series in the first round of the 2015 NCAA tournament, beating the Big Red at Schoellkopf Field, and then won the first-ever regular season match-up played in Albany a season ago.

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They're are also a variety of other segments, such as: Chapter By Chapter, Make The Music Connection, Voicemails, The Sorting Hat and more. While Andrew, Matt, and Elysa head up Imprint, a podcast dedicated to the Twilight Series.

The podcast tends to fall a bit on the Twihard side of the uberfan-uberhater spectrum, but still manages to sneak in a few moments of snark (the podcast even managed to score an interview with the rather publicity-shy Stephenie Meyers herself). You see how these ideas can backfire on you so quickly when you don't think them through?The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of Smart Mouths.The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending. There are many guys who like Twilight out there: Kaleb Nation- Andrew Sims, Matt Britton, Greg Porter- Schade co-runs THE MITCH HANSEN BAND is composed of (you guessed it, another guy) Mitch Hansen. Thanks :) You are AWESOME for reading the Twilight series, they're AMAZING books, what's not to like?!?Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.