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It might be interesting to take a moment and consider the things you would look for if you were, for example, about to embark on a speed dating mission to find the partner of your dreams.

In a BBC internet survey of the top three most desirable traits in a potential partner, after breaking down the results according to gender, men ranked good looks and facial attractiveness higher than women, while women preferred honesty, humour, kindness and dependability in their men.

The neighbors a few houses down had one as a pet and it had escape.

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We all think we know instinctively what we find attractive in other people.Off the top of our heads, we will probably mention attributes such as facial appearance, physical build, mannerisms and behaviours.One fine day 40,000 years ago, if radiocarbon dating is correct, a nameless Neanderthal took a break from hunting and gathering, ducked into a cave, mixed up a batch of pigments and began to paint likenesses of animals that roamed the region. They can be symbols of salient qualities or virtues, stand-ins for humans in allegorical or fantastical works or simply subjects for showing off an artist’s prowess, be it brandishing a tiger’s musculature or baring a bloodhound’s soul.Visiting New York’s rich array of dealers and galleries, many of whom double as visual menageries, is like taking a crash course in the history, variety and meanings of animal imagery in art and antiques.Then a few years later, at African Lion Safari, I accidentally dropped one of my new peach coloured mittens into the baboon cage. Return to African Lion Safari I had not been back to African Lion Safari since and it was time. African Lion Safari has had the most successful breeding program in the world, helping to boost their numbers.

The baboons loved it and fought for its possession while a staff member tried to retrieve it in exchange for a donut. I had heard about their fantastic conservation initiatives and many successes with breeding programs, especially with cheetahs. The secret, according to our guide Heather, is that they let the males choose their partners.

I was having a tea party at my kid-sized table and found a chimpanzee sitting in the chair opposite me, eating all my snacks.

Not every Hamilton kid grows up with a monkey living on her street, but I did.

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But how do we define physical appeal and attraction? The idea of applying scientific analytical methods to such questions may seem about as appropriate as analysing Shakespeare's love sonnets through the mathematics of rhythm and the structure of language and vocabulary to better understand their seductive effects.