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Duck Dynasty wife Jessica Robertson has revealed her shocking past in a new interview sure to surprise fans of the hit A&E reality show.

Christian family patriarch Phil Robertson recently got in plenty of hot water for his controversial homophobic comments, and now his son Jep Robertson‘s wife Jessica is confessing her own sins while promoting the Robertsons’ new book, The book delves into the life lessons of all the family’s women, and Jessica told FOX News, “I was going through quite a lot when I met Jep…Just kind of being in that college age and environment.

One soldier holding a stick drags his victim across the ground by his foot as he desperately pleads for mercy while being kicked by another soldier.

Another victim is kicked on the ground by a group of men as gunshots can be heard in the background.

Sweet, wholesome, they're the girls next door, but under that good girl exterior lies a sexual beast just waiting to be unleashed.

Director David Loard brings together some of the adult industry's hottest stars to showca...The original video then goes on to show the man being shot at point black range by a soldier who continues to fire and stamp on his head after he is dead.The two other ISIS fighters are also shot in a barrage of automatic fire.This is a story about Sandy, a happy go lucky girl who always has something good to say.As she comes across her neighbors and friends, some don't share her positive attitude... Eric Masterson invites his buddy Tommy Gunn over, and proposes him an offer no one can refuse.B-006 Artist: John Abbot Title: Pale Yellow Throat Date: 1790 Medium: Watercolor on paper Measurements: image: 11⅛ x 8¾" Accession No.: 1981.