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Will they be able to keep their affair a secret or will the truth be revealed? Awkward, that was the best way she could describe her interactions with Cody, short and awkward.It was her fault though, as she didn't know how to act otherwise.And now, as they're maturing and becoming teenagers, they are starting to realize, maybe they're meant to be more than just friends :: SLASH Adam/Jay One Shot. Chris is hung up on Stephanie but when a certian blonde comes along who just might change that, is the billion dollar princess really out of the picture? And once again it's femslash folks, yada yada yada.

The 2012 event featured two interbranded Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, one for a future WWE Championship match and the other for a future World Heavyweight Championship match.On the June 25 episode of Raw, Vickie Guerrero announced that only previous WWE Champions may participate in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the WWE Championship contract.It's reminiscent of the classic Ultimate Warrior-Honky Tonk Man match from Summer Slam 1987.The difference is Bryan and Sheamus are much better wrestlers than Honky Tonk and Warrior; the ridiculously vocal "Yes!He knew how to deal with Cody but a broken down Stardust was different. Ted cried out as the back of his skull collided with the hard wooden piece of furniture. Randy Orton on the other hand miss his former Legacy member and their past relationship so much that he seeks out Stardust and reminds him of the good ole' days.

The 2012 Money in the Bank event was the seventh of twelve professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) events produced by WWE that year, and the third installment in the Money in the Bank series of events.All it takes is one night, one dream, and one girl to change everything. All Ted knows is that she's perfect, and he has to find her. Rated M for M/M loosely implied slash, you've been warned so don't like, don't read! Its sometimes more about who you know rather than what you know. But what starts out as revenge soon turns into something so much more. After Adam uses Matt and Chris' crush on Matt to hurt Chris, Chris became determined to show Matt who Adam really was... Too bad he had no idea just how ugly things could turn.Adam and Jay have been friends for most of their young lives.Hi, I'm Nani and the only reason I keep this page is because I like to write and this gives me that opportunity. Shane Mc Mahon has been away from the WWE for three years, but on his return he is appalled that someone like CM Punk is wearing gold.Now, I'm not a literary genious and since my first language is not English, I will probably make a lot of mistakes. He's never had the chance to act on it but lately Punk seems to be receptive to John's attention. If he can win over Punk, can he convince him to stick around after he learns what makes John tick? Rated M for m/m slash, language, and eventual BDSM scenes. The volatile disposition of both men often led to arguments and violence, but when they end up in each others company more and more things begin to change. In order to make his life miserable, he attempts to take the one thing that means most to Punk. They didn't expect to fall in love when their relationship behind closed doors started. They never expected to see their world crumbling down. Maryse is trying to escape, but is afraid of the consequences she knows she'll have to suffer.This article will take a look at the current WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor rosters as well as the members of the WWE Hall of Fame.