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If the stats in and Control Center agree, then ensure that the Conduit has access to the Internet by way of HTTPS on port 443.The Conduit process should update the spam definition over HTTPS (port 443) from https://aztec.Figure 1 depicts the Symantec Brightmail architecture.

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However, it will NOT automatically install the update.You must manually install software updates by going to Administration = Updates.The Conduit data on the Status tab appear to be outdated, but the rulesets are arriving as designed.To determine whether or not the rulesets are actually updating look in the in the \Scanner\Stats directory. If the stats in and Control Center do not agree, then apply patch 142 available from the public Enterprise site, or upgrade to Symantec Brightmail 6.0.2.We will post an update to this forum post as soon as root cause has been determined.

We're working on a knowledge base document for this issue now. We're not 100% certain this will cover the entire root cause of the high CPU utilization, but it will stop the entries to the regarding corrupt statistics files.Please see this document for a possible solution: The relevant section for this issue is: I can confirm this, no more entries in the conduit log, but still CPU usage up to 50% sporadically. Does a uninstall and reinstall of SMSE solve the problem, or may it occur later again?We have many occurrences of this issue and are desparate for a resolution.Please read the Release Notes before you upgrade, to understand what is involved.Your XCS appliance will automatically download the XCS 10.1 Update 3 software.Similarly, Symantec Security Response sends realtime virus rules.