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With the development of IVR technology, call centres are now able to process voice recognition as well as DTMF tones followed by an intelligent queueing and routing decision.

There’s an amusing irony to this, because 1986, 1996, 2006 were also the years of everything conversational.To learn where conversational UI should go in the future, we should draw from this rich history. The command line was the original conversational interface.If you think about it, it is very much like a conversation back and forth, with the person telling the computer what to do, the computer doing it, and coming back with a result or an additional question that required an answer to complete a task.One of the big downsides of the command line approach was that you actually had to either know what to input or had to ask the computer for options. Messaging apps are taking over the world and app store rankings with incredible retention and engagement rates.

Every community, marketplace, on-demand service, dating app, social game or e-commerce product has or will soon have messaging as part of the experience to drive retention, engagement and transaction volume.

Although we are so accustomed to the rapid development of consumer technology, speech technology has been fairly slow to overcome hurdles.

With the first electronic speech synthesiser dating back to 1936, speech recognition has been developing in the background for a very long time.

Moving onto figures from 2014, according to an IBISWorld Speech & Voice Recognition Software Developers market research, the voice recognition software industry was worth around £14billion a year in revenue in 2014, growing annually at 10.7%.

A fundamental change in speech recognition has been consistently improving its accuracy.

Our research has resulted in a number of patents, both granted and pending, that are available for licensing through Shadow Prompt Technology.