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Apart from website chat, other core features include: real-time website traffic monitoring, built-in ticketing system and agents' efficiency analytics.System identifies the best prospects visiting a website based on data gathered from the purchasing decisions of 65 million buyers.Premium Live Chat and Help Desk Software for business.

View Profile Premium Live Chat and Help Desk Software for business.

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The Live Chat System, by Live Help Now, opens a direct line of communication with your website visitors.

Connect with visitors much like you would in a physical store.

Your website is just a website, until it can tell your story.

Your customers have a lot of choices to make and they need a reason to choose you over all the rest.Our online customer service agents are available during promotional and peak periods and you can choose to chat with them instantly online.We recommend this option if you have a technical support question.Your business was built on your experience, passion and knowledge.Live Help Now tells your story to customers by creating relationships and relationships change everything.Increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. View Profile Zoho Sales IQ helps engage site visitors in real-time to convert them into paying customers. View Profile Freshdesk's live-chat solution helps you engage with users on your website proactively, and chat with them real-time so you can offer help even before they reach out to you.