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You can use credit card repayment calculators such as those provided by, the Federal Reserve and MSN to help you figure out exactly what you could save.

Obviously, taking out an expensive payday loan that charges more interest than your credit cards won't be a good idea.

POTTAKIS (Greece): This years Conference of FAO takes place during highly unsatisfactory world economic conditions.

The agenda of the Conference and the accompanying analyses in the documents testify to the urgency and to the awareness of the situation by the world community.

On this occasion I wish to extend my congratulations to the FAO Secretariat for producing such clearsighted and in-depth studies.

The world has been caught in the deepest and most prolonged economic and social crisis of the last 50 years, and the prospects of fighting it out do not yet seem so encouraging.

If you and your partner are carrying balances on your credit cards, chances are you'll be paying a bunch of interest to your card issuers each month.

You may be able to reduce this by rejiggering your debts.

It is not only a test of our sensitivity and our humanity, it is also a challenge to our responsibility to transform the potentialities of scientific and technological achievements into blessed actuality.

As Director-General Saouma wrote in the Programme of Work and Budget 1986-87, We do not simply inherit the future, we create it by the choices we make.

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