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Okay, maybe you are a touch shy or just lack that bit of confidence around people of the opposite sex and that is all that is holding you back from meeting the true love of your life.

If so, then speed dating in Manchester with My Speed Date is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people in an environment designed to help you relax as much as possible and just be yourself.

According to the Illinois Attorney General, 89% of teens aged 13-18 in the U. The beginning of middle school is a great time to start talking about dating.

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My Speed Date runs events for a variety of age groups in Manchester and the surrounding area.

The events provide a great opportunity to meet people - and possibly even find your soul mate.

Middle school is a huge transition that brings about multiple changes in peer relationships and social groups, and talking about dating in the context of these changes is a natural way to open the conversation. Why are your children allowed to date-responsibilities and expectations).

Whether you think your teens are interested in dating or not, they are likely surrounded by new dating relationships and discussions about dating within their peer groups. Explain to your teens that dating is a privilege that comes with responsibilities, and discuss the various expectations.

Encourage and normalize questions, and answer them in an open, nonjudgmental way. Talk to your teens about your family values and expectations regarding sex and physical contact in a dating relationship.

People have varying opinions on sex education-regardless of what your beliefs are, sharing them with your teens and having an open, honest, clear discussion is necessary to keep them informed and debunk possible myths they hear from classmates or see in the media.It is a relaxed evening where practices and potential employees can come together over drinks and canapes.The traditional ‘speed dating’ format allows participants to interact with others in a series of brief one-on-one information exchanges.Naturally introverted but enjoy socalising as well.Am a urban girl who likes movies, exhibitions, cafes, shopping.Internet dating is an increasingly popular way of meeting other people, with a significant (and growing) number of long term relationships now starting via the internet in one way or another.