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Dobson’s direct quotes sometimes run as long as three full pages, and occasionally he even quotes himself at length (inserting large blocks of text from other books or articles he has written).

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I think it is time to put her in the spotlight, because she is an incredible lady.

As some of you know, Shirley grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father.

You may already be aware of some of the differences. Did you know, for instance, that every cell in a man’s body has a chromosome makeup entirely different from those in a woman’s body? By virtue of these two differences, men and women are miles apart emotionally and physically.

Let’s examine some of the differences between men and women.

Women have a deeper interest in people and feelings —in building relationships.

Men tend to be more preoccupied with practicalities that can be understood through logical deduction.

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They chronicle the 33 years I spent at Focus on the Family, and now 6 years at Family Talk.

Never in those four decades have I devoted a letter specifically to my marvelous wife, Shirley.

Despite its subtitle, this book has remarkably little practical advice to offer on raising girls and is considerably more discouraging than encouraging.