Early stages of online dating

I hate to say it, and I’m sure some of you don’t want to hear it, but if you’ve been seeing a guy for a decent amount of time and you’re starting to get intimate, but you’re feeling that niggling need at the back of your mind to have the “conversation” with them (you know the one, the “are we exclusive?

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I’m here to share a few insights I’ve gained over my years of dating. If you are unsure of what I mean by this, you definitely need to catch up on my blog. If red flags start popping up and your gut is clenching a little more often, listen to it. This is up for some debate I’m sure, but how important is it that you’re attracted to someone on a first date?

Bijiggities are that out of control feeling – just a little bit of craziness for lack of a better word. Well, I’d say, as long as you don’t find them absolutely repulsive, its okay if there aren’t sparks or fireworks within the first few dates.

When you're ready to head back out there, keep these 5 online dating tips to keep in mind.

The first few weeks when you’re getting to know someone can be filled with nerves, excitement and expectation.

But if you understand a guy’s process when it comes to dating, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and instead set yourself up for the kind of lasting love you’re looking for with the right guy.

Men and women think about the early stages of dating very differently.While it is easy to track a potential partner's online activities, in the interest of getting past the second stage of dating, , it may be best NOT to check to see when your date was last online.The biggest problem with online dating is the potential to speed through or even skip dating stages, which does not build a solid foundation for your budding relationship.It can be pretty nerve-racking texting someone in the early stages of a relationship.Here are 6 important texting rules to keep in mind while texting the one you like!Online dating can be a fun and non-threatening way to re-enter the dating scene.