Error validating the uitest xml

This section contains several quickstarts to help you get started with UITest.Each quickstart focuses on how to create test for simple application on a single platform.

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Step 11: Click the “Generate Code” Step 12: Type the name of the method Step 13: Click the “Add and Generate” button The result is the code generated in the “Demo Coded UITest.cs” Test Method and new files created, these files have the UI objects mapping. I have created a few more methods that represent a few more steps.In order to run the test you can right click the Coded UI Test name and choose “Run Tests”.This document contains snippets and code samples to help you with writing your UITests. UITest project to an existing solution which does not already have a UITest project. (as in: same code works for others, yet fails for me OSX' legacy distribution) I checked the libxml2 release notes and found two candidates: Release notes of Update 2.7.4 list the following bug fix: Your schema puts the element foo into the target Namespace (that's what elementdefault="qualified" means), but your instance document doesn't declare that namespace or any other. UITest project from the Xamarin template for UITest projects.

Next, submit the test to Xamarin Test Cloud: Xamarin Studio will build your APK, upload it and the tests to Xamarin Test Cloud.Use the web interface to specify the team, select the devices, and provide some meta-data on how the test will run.Please see the Submitting UITests to Xamarin Test Cloud for more details. XAttribute..ctor(XName name, Object value) at System. Validate(XObject source, Xml Schema Object partial Validation Type, Boolean add Schema Info) at System. Add("",@"C:\XSDTEST\test.xsd"); Xml Reader Settings xrs = new Xml Reader Settings(); xrs. UITest to automate a mobile application, please read about the Anatomy of the Test Cloud Framework.