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“I was waiting for him to come out to protest him,” said witness Robert Selvidge.

He left the facility shortly after 6am local time, with a pack of protesters waiting for him.

He ignored questions from reporters and attempted to get from the jail entrance to the backseat of a waiting car.

On 17 September 2016, The Good Lord Above web site published an article reporting that a “flash mob” armed with dildos had found and severely beaten Turner in retribution after his release: Rapist Brock Turner was released from jail on Friday after serving just three months of a six month prison sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at Stanford University.

He was instantly beaten to a bloody pulp by a flash mob of furious people.

This is “Black Swan” with all the subtlety of “Game of Thrones”— and a stripper pole, naturally, for the ballerinas who manage to have the energy for stilettos, drunkards and naked acrobatics after a day of rehearsal.

This show is decidedly not for kids, not with its cast of young women scraping the rock-bottom of urban life. “They’re for the ignorant, the poor and the dying.” Brags the director to his donors: “We make gravity our b—-” (rhymes with itch).

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“See you in the shark tank,” sneers one of the sweeter veterans to Claire, the newcomer, as she prepares to take her first class with the American Ballet Company, where she has just been hired.

In a departure from the few other ballet-themed TV shows to have come along recently, this one focuses squarely on the soul-sucking misery of the professional dance its stories of the kid who washed out on vodka or ended up in a hospital for detox, or worse.

They must’ve organized it on the Internet or something.