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Follow these steps: Note: The “Revert changes” button will appear each time you enter a form and click on the “Save and exit” button, even if you didn't make any changes.If you did not make any changes, click on the “Revert changes” button to confirm this. Finished () Finished installing CPI () Starting registry...

If you were not found eligible, you will not be able to update your profile. Be sure your profile is complete and correct before you submit it.

If your profile was found eligible for the pool, you can still update it after you’ve submitted it.

Once i OS finishes its housekeeping the OTA update will install.

Please look at your TV to check the status of the update.

Native Instruments regularly releases updates for both soft- and hardware products.

An update introduces new features or improvements and fixes known issues from previous versions.Some reports have indicated that turning the i OS device off and back on might help, or resetting the device by holding the home and power buttons until reboot.Most of the time, simply waiting for i OS to recognize that the i Cloud restore is complete does the trick.It is possible that your phone/tablet/laptop that you used for setup is not connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Chromecast.I see the "Downloading/fetching update" message for a long time If the download is moving forward but moving slowing, please give the download 20-30 mins to download. If the download is stuck at a certain % for a long time, there might be something wrong in your router settings.Note: It is important to make a distinction between a free product update (covered in this article) and a paid major update (e.g. The article is divided into three chapters: Software updates for our current line of products can be downloaded with Native Access.