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While this app is pretty fun to use, it is very intrusive and requires a lot of permissions, which is not something I personally like.

Transparent screen has a simple enough mode of operation nonetheless.

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It’s true you can’t really stop a determined thief but if you have the means a heavy-duty camera box is the ticket.

Also, if you happen to live or hunt in an area that harbors bears then the heavy-duty option is really the only option.

Unfortunately, for all the talk of providing the future of gaming it seems that neither Microsoft nor Sony thought far enough ahead to consider that users might use these services for less than wholesome purposes - especially when the accessories available for both consoles allow users to turn the cameras on themselves.

The most notable incident involving illicit use of this technology involved a user named Darckobra who was streaming live footage of his living room via the PS4.

Much has been made of the social functionality of the next generation of home consoles.

Not only can users use the PS4 and Xbox One to play games, but they can also share this screen time with friends and strangers, either by live streaming the footage or sending out pre-recorded clips into the ether.

Transparent Screen is a fun app which allows you to have a transparent screen become the live wallpaper for your Smartphone's screen.

The transparent screen you are shown by the app is basically the camera of your Smartphone.

There is no denying that trail cameras can be an effective scouting tool which can lead to the demise of your biggest whitetail buck ever or simply a little more meat in your freezer.

However, if your game camera isn’t used properly it won’t deliver either one.

Valuable card space is eaten away and hopes are dashed when you realize there is no trophy buck standing center frame…only brush and sunlight.