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My second instinct was to ask him what exactly he found attractive, then. If I had lined up every man in the room and arranged them from the ones I found most attractive down to the least, starting at the bar, his boyfriend might have ended up somewhere near the bathroom.

It wasn't the nicest thought that ran through my head that evening, but that was just my taste.

She described Bondi's application for a stay as a "continuation of the effort to maintain uniformity and order throughout Florida." In urging the court to step in, Bondi warned that the federal appeals court's ruling could leave Florida with a fragmented legal landscape in which marriage licenses are available to gay couples in some counties, but not in others.

Because only one clerk of court is named in the federal lawsuit, she said, the other 66 Florida county clerks are not legally bound by the judge's order and could make vastly different decisions. Hinkle of Tallahassee applies to all of Florida's clerks, as well as its state government officials, he said.

"I don't find Asian men attractive." I didn't say it.

He did: Nolan,* the guy from Amsterdam who had been living in Bangkok for 10 years.

For some reason, he wanted to know if I was attracted to Asian men (my answer: when I found them attractive), and although some things would have been better left unsaid, he felt the need to tell me that he is not.

My first instinct was to ask why he would live in a country where he wasn't attracted to the people, but I'd already met his longtime partner, so I figured that hooking up with the locals wasn't a priority.

6, and some county clerks of court have said they are ready to begin issuing marriage licenses.