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Although this is not a large percentage, it is important to research interpersonal dating and find effective solutions for those struggling with dating-related anxiety.As sex roles and culture continually change, Muehlenhard and Mc Fall (1981) proposed that men and women are often left confused on how to initiate and arrange first dates.

Research in this area has the potential to assist social skills trainers, dating coaches, and counselors with how to give effective solutions to those clients struggling in this area of their lives.This research expansion will aid those that lack social skills known to assist in dating to help them better understand how they should approach someone they are attracted to.How could gender and personality factors play a role in the way heterosexual humans initiate dating behaviors with the opposite sex?What sort of unique interpersonal communication behaviors do people utilize in initiating a date?One of the top concerns of college students has always been interactions with the opposite sex and dating (Martinson & Zerface, 1990).

A survey of college students by Mc Ewan (1983), pressing personal concerns, indicated that 16% view the area of dating as the chief concern in their life over things such as grades and finances.

These beliefs have changed little over the past twenty years within the United States and apparently around the world as well.

There is some variation in cultural gender-role standards both within the United States and across cultures, however.

For good and typical dates, men and women identified many of the same events as likely to occur.

However, sexually charged events were more salient for men in these contexts, as shown by the higher mean likelihood ratings men gave to items describing sexually suggestive partner behaviors.

Children develop gender-based beliefs, largely on the basis of gender stereotypes; the latter are reflected in gender roles.