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‘Ritualis Mortis’ saw the band with a line up of Lord Gothic on vocals and guitar, Lady Gothic on vocals and drums and keyboard player Madame Morgue.

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Its members call themselves names such as Poisoned Beauty, Bloodthirsty and Psychosocial.Carly is believed to have begun an internet romance through the website with a fictitious teenager called Brandon - who was actually the father and son who are now accused of murdering her.The disenchanted formed their own club: one where the disheveled and haphazard bumped with the belligerent and discontented, and a haven for maudlin and misanthropic misfits with a fascination for '50s horror and a closet penchant for the psychedelic...Run by Ollie Wisdom from Specimen, and favoured watering hole of Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Nick Cave and Marc Almond amongst others, the Batcave defined the gothic attitude and embraced the histrionic pomp of Romantic poetry and neo-occult gesticulations, the violent decadence of preraphaelite art with the 5p noir novels of the '30s, late night horror films, nihlism and Nietzsche.The father said he pleaded 'guilty to manslaughter', while both he and his son pleaded not guilty to Carly's murder.

Prosecutor Tim Preston said the Crown did not accept the father's manslaughter plea - then went on to outline the case against the 50-year-old and his 18-year-old son.Numero uno shoulder-rub for the new wave of dark wave circa 1979, The Batcave provided sonic sanctuary for punk refugees who had held onto their subversive sensibilities and thus couldn't face the prospect of dancing to Kid Creole and The Coconuts or Spandau Ballet.As London mythology goes, snotty-nosed punk gave way to the flash trash of new romance, The Blitz Club, the synth 'revolution' of the futurists, art rock, men in lipstick and acceptable avarice.With her long dark hair and love of black Gothic clothing, it was no surprise that teenager Carly Ryan was attracted to a 'vampire' website.But when Carly, aged just 15, posted her own photograph and personal details on the site, events took a fatal turn.I was only talking to two people, spending so much time in my apartment smoking weed, and being on the internet all-the-fucking-time. Around springtime, when I started to snap out of the funk, I just started making memes about living in Montreal, 'cause I thought they would be funny for my 200 followers, whom I knew in real life. Your account deals a lot with being a female in Montreal: dating, dealing with culture. Montreal is a really interesting city for that: it’s very transient. It's like a training ground, you know, where people come to hone their creative or artistic craft.