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Facing the Andaman Sea, like Phuket, Krabi is subject to a six-month rainy season between May and November, often with sustained heavy rains for days at a time during the monsoons.

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A city of over 350,000 population, Constanta was established in the 4th century BC as a Greek colony.The drive from Bucharest will take approximately three hours, crossing the Danube into the region of Dobrogea and driving along the (in)famous Danube-Black Sea Canal.Whether your interests lie in culture, back-to-nature pursuits, or the adrenalin rush of racing in a go-kart, negotiating rough terrain in an all-terrain vehicle or “destroying the enemy” with paintball, Bintan Resorts offers the whole range of activities to engage you.Tour reservations can be made directly at the activity desk of all Bintan Resorts hotels or via BRC Tours Website and other independent tour operators.A “wagon” is a police vehicle used to remove a large number of individuals from a particular location. If you’re the type of person who likes to “use the loo” beware of the archaically racist implications of tossing a causal “bugger off” into polite conversation.

) is the main town in the province of Krabi (thesaban mueang) on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phang Nga Bay. The town is the capital of Krabi Province and Krabi District. Krabi is a southern province on Thailand's Andaman seaboard with perhaps the country's oldest history of continued settlement.

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Tours and Activities Your holiday at Bintan Resorts won’t be complete without experiencing the authentic flavours of the island – and we’re not referring to the cuisine!

Awaken your senses as you trek through a tropical rainforest; enjoy the spectacular sight of fireflies in the inky blackness of the night.

He sent his vizier, the Phra Palad, to oversee this task, which was to ensure a regular supply of elephants for the larger town.