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Applicants may also be required to provide documented proof of vaccinations.

If an applicant is found to have falsified credentials or have misrepresented him- or herself, their application file will be permanently closed.

Though he was appreciative of the offer he declined, on the moral ground that he did not think it was right to be flown out to the game by the opposing team.

If anyone exercised on duty, it was usually more out of boredom or a personal desire to be stronger, and the workouts were usually limited to lifting weights someone had brought in from home.Other than fighting fires and, in some places, staffing load-and-go ambulances, you performed few community services.You probably had nothing to protect your lungs from the smoke and heat of a fire; coughing and choking on toxic fumes, and sometimes throwing up afterwards, were just part of being a good, tough firefighter.Overall concern for the health and fitness of firefighters was minimal.We train endlessly in fake buildings in conditions that simulate fires until it's almost second nature (like tying your shoe), but nothing can truly prepare you for the first time you run into an actual burning house. You're surrounded by crackling and popping, the bang of lightbulbs exploding, the hiss of steam, and suffocating heat, which gets so bad that sometimes our sweat evaporates and burns us. In movies there are always pretty, bright flames that help the hero see where they're going. We have to navigate by touch, but we wear heavy gloves so it's hard to tell what we're feeling.

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On August 16, 2010, during a Monday Night Football Giants vs.

Jets pre-season game, Fireman Ed's inaugural Jets chant in the New Meadowlands Stadium was interrupted by a Giants fan who raised his Giants hat while Fireman Ed's fellow Jets fans stood by.

If you were a city firefighter in the 1960’s, your job usually consisted of taking care of the fire engines, the station and putting out fires.

Your protective gear — probably a canvas or rubber coat, thigh-length boots, and a heavy leather helmet with no eye protection — would now be considered primitive and unsafe.

As of November 25, 2012 Fireman Ed has stepped down as the self-proclaimed mascot of the NY Jets, stating he will attend games but not in character.