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Both Sides Now / Wasting Paper – a double-bill about young women exploring who they are through art.

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I know that with the age of Tinder and hookups, casual sex will leave me empty inside, and it’s not a lifestyle that I’m seeking.At the same time I feel alone as a Christian single. How do I cling to the truth in a world lying to me about the satisfaction of ‘hooking up’?Everyone tells me I’m attractive, outgoing, and have a lot going for me. And she answers: I am not promised a life of marriage. We hope in things that are certain, not uncertain; things that God has promised, not things that we may rightly want, but have not been promised and may receive or may not receive.In other words, she knows we don’t hope in uncertain things. We hope in what is sure, what God has absolutely promised, and he watches over his word to perform it (Jeremiah ). And so, she asks: How do I not turn to the world when I feel like the church, Christian men, and God have no place for me? Now, my concern for Ashley — and many are like her, and we are all like her from time to time — my concern for Ashley is that the lie is already starting to creep into the way she asks her question.Whiskey also gives the immigration backstory behind the events in Wisconsin. T.: Nerds essentially have “Autism light,” i.e., high intelligence and low social skills. Nerds cooperate pretty effectively all the time on large software and other engineering projects. [But are] worse at judging which coalition to join when, which associates may betray them or have done so, when and how to betray associates, what lies to tell, what threats will be credible and appropriate, and so on. [Nerds are] preyed upon by those with better social skills.

Homo hypocritus pretends to mainly value overtly useful skills, while really greatly valuing covert conniving skills.

Fergal and Tim’s ‘civilised’ break-up escalates into a full-on battle of the wills.

In a double-bill with Fronting – on the night he decides to search for love again, a young HIV-positive man tells his roller-coaster story.

And don’t miss Queers where a cast of LGBTQ characters share their stories and embrace their identities and ‘Love Trumps Everything‘ a series of US short-plays feature marriage equality and heavenly dating!

Heavenly is finally ready to launch her dating app, Piq.

Nerds tend to be much better at the former than the later, and are often unaware that the later skills exist.