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But the reality is that in the long run, they will not make you happy. Why is it so essential for a loving and lasting partnership?

To answer these questions, look no further than the wise words of Your Tango Expert, Charles J.

Without trust, however, even the smallest things can seem like a "make or break" situation. At times, it can be tempting to stay in these types of relationships.

We think that uncertainty and drama is what true love is made of (thanks a lot, Hollywood).

Brad Blanton’s stories about people whose lives were transformed from misery most of the time to joy and loving relationships most of the time.

There are six additional books also featured here that provide more detail, description and elaboration on how to actually live an authentic life, because Brad just couldn’t shut up about it.

Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

“Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity, of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death.

There's no doubt that trust is quite possibly the most important quality a relationship can have.

Without it, even the strongest love is bound to fall apart. Maybe he takes just a little bit longer than he used to to text you back.

The second issue—what individuals are most likely to lie about—can be divided into several categories, including physical appearance, education, relationship or job status, and issues related to personality traits and interests.

When we might be especially honest Surprisingly, people can sometimes be more authentic online than offline in the way they express their personality.

In an earlier post, I discussed how people involved in online relationships can develop intense bonds due to the unique ability for the anonymity and control provided by online interactions to enable expression of the “true self”: traits that a person possesses, but does not normally feel comfortable expressing to others.