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If you are really upset by this, try listing all the qualities that you have, which those people you feel inadequate to don't possess. How can you make the most of those qualities you do have?

Are there areas you could do realistically improve, in your current set of circumstances?

A lot of this is mindset, and in my experience often either a rather self-important, or completely panic-driven, one.

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I think they are just people who are at a whole other level beyond me... They have a certain set of life experiences which drives them.

You might look at someone and think they have everything; they might only be doing these things because they are deeply unhappy and feel nothing is ever good enough.

Boston's Northeastern University suspended the group in March after years of alleged anti-Semitism that included repeated calls for the destruction of Israel, a 2011 disruption at a Holocaust Awareness Week event and the defacing of a statue of a Jewish donor and trustee of the university.

“You have not shown a concerted effort to improve your practices and educate your members on how to properly operate your organization within the boundaries of university policy,” Jason Campbell-Foster, the school's director of the Center for Student Involvement, wrote in a letter to the group.

Reporting on the experience of one group of undergraduates, Lillis and Turner noted: "Terminology widely used by tutors and/or in guidelines to name academic writing conventions raised more questions than answers. (1999) Using timely feedback on student progress to facilitate learning. The analysis shows that there is no common understanding of what criteria-based means or what it implies for practice. Perils in the meticulous specification of goals and assessment criteria. This paper comments on previous discussion of how assessment is being conceptualized and implemented in the UK, and of how teachers and students construct and experience assessment, and argues that implementation of assessment policies can sometimes achieve almost the reverse of what was originally intended regarding the issue of explicit assessment criteria. In this case study, supervisors of third year Psychology student research projects used the feedback on their supervisees' second year projects to give guidance to the student on how to develop their new project. It argues that the conception of the role of academics in project work needs to change from one focused on project supervision to one of learning adviser. Along with the critiquing process, personalized face-to-face feedback and the interactive or ongoing nature of the critiques were two important factors believed by students to build their confidence as academic writers. Discusses the benefits of providing concrete comments and raises the issue of the level of authority given to comments and the affective dimension of receiving feedback.

For example, knowing they had to write an introduction told the students little about what was required in an introduction; calls for the need to cite authorities and sources did not help them to work out when it was likely to be necessary to refer to sources; calls for the need to avoid plagiarism did not help them to work out what counted as plagiarism, nor how to write in their own words." (Lillis and Turner, 2001, p. Paper given at the HERDSA Annual Conference, July 1999, Melbourne. Argues for an approach that helps students understand tacit as well as explicit knowledge about assessment. Additionally, the concepts of 'criteria' and 'standards' are often confused and, despite the use of criteria, the fundamental judgments teachers make about the quality of student work remain subjective and substantially hidden from the students' view. Carless has pointed to the dangers of assuming that students "are on the same wavelength as we are" (Carless, 2006). It identifies key features of this practice and discusses differences in advising from one context to another. This paper discusses the key components of research supervision using qualitative data analysis software (QDAS).

The SJP chapter at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, N.

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Students for Justice in Palestine, with nearly 100 chapters on campuses around the nation, has become increasing strident in promoting its agenda, staging "die-ins," handing out mock eviction notices in dormitories, and raising funds for Hamas-aligned groups, according to Jewish watchdog groups.

Individual members have been accused of assaulting students, vandalizing property and hurling anti-Semitic slurs at Jewish students, all in the name of their cause.

Silly post maybe, but I am really intimidated by people who are very bright and high achieving and can't help but compare myself and feel inadequate.