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Four have led them to a conference championship: R. When the rivalry first started Vanderbilt dominated by taking 19 of the first 24 with 3 ties.After 1928, UT has dominated the rivalry with a record of Vanderbilt 71–11–2.

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In fact, nothing much changes at all except Colin stops pretending that anyone else can ever be as important as Bradley.

Bradley and Colin get stranded in France for a night and somehow it changes everything.

‘This will go on record as everyone’s least favourite day,’ mutters Colin Morgan, who plays the young wizard.

He’s soaked to the skin and if magic hadn’t been declared unlawful by the king’s father, he would undoubtedly be casting a spell to bring on a heatwave.

However, he finds her in a coma, under the care of her mother who is hoping to raise money for her treatment by holding a fun run.

In an attempt to impress Nicola Dare (Susie Amy) - his own first love - after having insulted her transgender brother, Rob decides to participate in the fun run himself.

It seems not, for the new series is much darker and more adult than previous episodes, with unexpected twists and daring special effects, filmed on an immense scale with a cast of more than 500.

In the first fast-moving episode, the evil Morgana (Katie Mc Grath), a scheming beauty in a Gothic-style black lace gown, is plotting to take over Arthur’s throne with an army of Saxon warriors.

(WIP, on hiatus) Colin and Bradley wish upon a star after shooting their last scene of "Merlin" together and wake up the next morning as Merlin and Arthur when Merlin wasn't living in Camelot yet, and Arthur was still just a prattish prince. Obviously this exists in a universe where these gorgeous creatures are unattached and no offense is meant.3.

遊戲規則:1)以鵝媽媽童謠為基礎的fic challenge2)依對應的星期寫出不同的故事內容純屬虛構,如有雷同,皆為萌點!**BCCB皆有,本篇為BC**靈感來自當時各種圖片gif和repo~原本應該是AM的挑戰,可是六月二號突然冒出了好多些TEAM MERLIN的照片,念頭就這麼形成,不得不寫了。雖然寫到最後也是奇怪到爆炸的一篇。百分之百純腦補。說好的,軟禁 SM呢?呃...沒有。SORRY! Bradley is lost. Someone is actually listening to Bradley, after all this time. I used the song "friends" by flight of the conchords as a guideline- and it's probably obvious- and hopefully not terrible.2.

and so tantalizingly close to where Bradley could show him exactly how much he was enjoying this; he was pretty sure he was slipping toward his own premature terminal combustion and Colin was there to light the fuse with an expression of absolute glee.