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And before anyone thinks its hating, I'm a fan of Adriana Lima, who looks 20 times better than both of them combined, so its not because they're so 'beautiful and excotical'.On a sidenote I think if she was a true racist she wouldnt have married a half-black man (her husband's father is black) because most latin people know their kids can possibly come out tan/dark with course hair if they mate with someone with close black heritage like that.As is the case on “Shark Tank,” “The Voice” and other shows in this sector of the reality realm, if a judge is very keen on a contestant’s offerings, he or she can come on board the project as a coach.

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I have NO evidence to support this though But she kinda reminds me of Selena Gomez; years ago when she was this cute Disney innocent teen star I used to get bitchy vibes from her.Sure enough years later she turned out to be a bitch.Now, the term has hit America’s women harder than Chicxulub.And some of these women are so hot, they too could have killed the dinosaurs.The show begins with an overly brief set-up segment, which doesn’t spend much time explaining the rules of the show, and which also assumes that a viewer will know who host Zane Lowe is, though a reasonably large chunk of the audience won’t.

The judges are Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, will.and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, who clearly wants to be the Simon Cowell of the show but comes off as merely abrasive.

or else go off to college like everyone else she knew.

Being cast in 1999's Never Been Kissed gave her the confidence she needed to continue to pursue her acting dreams.

i have no evidence to support this, just a feeling I get. She's just stuck up and thinks she is a bigger deal than she actually is.

But aside from that, she just rubs me the wrong way and seems fake nice in public but possibly bitchy & snobby in real life.

The brainy babe took advanced-placement courses with a tutor during her two years on Flipper and earned her high school diploma at age 16.