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Most obviously and blessedly, Rice has gone from sounding like a strict Mayer copyist to more judiciously appropriating several vaguely earthy baritones, alternately evoking David Bazan, Jakob Dylan, David Lowery, and the Doves' Jimi Goodwin.

Seemingly baby steps, I know, but worlds better than perpetually expecting him to segue into a karaoke rendition of "Your Body Is a Wonderland".

"I had related that frustration to music but I just thought, ' I'm not going to put myself in that position again,' so I said, ' Fuck that, I can't do this anymore.'"Sennett did not call out any of his former bandmates in particular, but implies that his collaboration with everyone involved had run its course.

Thing is, an anonymous source tells us that Murray and Lewis are "just friends and musical collaborators," and that the singer remains with her long-time boyfriend and bandmate, Jonathan Rice.Granted, if Lewis and Murray were indeed a match, hipsters everywhere would been quite right to lose their minds. (“I think I had just gotten my cellphone,” she half-jokes.) The idea of branching out and going solo never occurred to her until her friend (and former Saddle Creek labelmate) Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk fame) approached her about putting out an album on the new label he was launching, Team Love. “It just happened in that moment, just so natural.” Mike Mogis — another Saddle Creek label pal and frequent collaborator of Oberst’s — would be flown in to produce the record.The resulting twelve songs paint an intimate portrait: The album’s title track, for example, delicately yields an autobiographical tale of her childhood with her mother (“I became a 0,000 kid”), while others reveal matters of the heart (“You Are What You Love”) and put Lewis’s country chops on display (the foot-stomping “The Big Guns”). It’s been a gift of autonomy, so I’m forever grateful for them.” For these Rabbit Fur Coat performances, the show will be divided into two sets with an intermission, an aspect of the Grateful Dead’s final concerts she enjoyed.Like its name implies, the record is a tasty pop confection: The first single, “Scissor Runner,” is a breezy power-pop duet about catching a red-eye flight home to see a lover (something these two know a lot about), while “Big Wave” is a surf-rock jam with Lewis cooing over a frothy chorus of guitar reverb. b From their Los Angeles home, the duo dished about recording I’m Having Fun Now with Bright Eyes whiz Mike Mogis, their upcoming fall tour, and who would win in a tag-team wrestling match: Jenny & Johnny, She & Him, Matt & Kim, or Sonny & Cher.

It’s a good excuse to spend some time with some our best friends. His friend got a bunch of tickets and the car was impounded and crushed into a cube. We were driving around as we often do, and there was another turquoise station wagon for sale on the side of the road for 0. JR: They say that because it such a mob town, and Al Capone and all these guys were vacationing there and investing in the casinos, that all the bodies from their hits, or murders, were dumped into the lake. JL: But lyrically there are some darker themes on the record. JR: We both found ourselves dreaming about snakes, and then we’d be hiking in the mountains in L. JR: Our relationship was born out of traveling and touring.

From the naysayers who claimed Courtney Love owed her career to Cobain and Corgan, to the implication that M. A.'s is chiefly Diplo's creation, to the innumerable female pop stars who get treated like automatons incapable of creative input (while Justin Timberlake is lauded as a savvy popsmith, of course), the same unfortunate scenario continues to play out of a woman's work being attributed to a man.

Fortunately, like some sweet Title IX of indie-rock accreditation, Johnathan Rice has come along to help rectify the gender imbalance.

Second album finds the New York-based singer getting a good amount of songwriting help from Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, but this album's improvement relative to his debut has more to do with Rice's new approach to vocals.

The sexism that so often goes hand-in-hand with assigning credit for popcraft is virtually always a one-way street.

Considering how Rabbit Fur Coat serves as a turning point in her life and career, it’s understandable that rehearsing it would unearth certain forgotten, or misplaced, memories.