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Once Upon a Time in High School portrays the authoritarian society of the 1970s through a notoriously violent high school.Simultaneously, his TV drama Stairway to Heaven was winning over high ratings on TV.

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However, some netizens have since voiced their objections to the marriage, in particularly directing their attention towards Son Tae Young.

These netizens claimed that since entering the Korean entertainment industry as the 3rd runner-up in Miss Korea 2000, Son Tae Young has had several scandals with male artistes, with some even making the headlines.

Son Tae Young is currently hurting after fan objections to her impending marriage to Kwon Sang Woo on 28th September at Joong Gu Shilla Hotel.

Kwon Sang Woo had hastily announced his plans to wed Son Tae Young last Friday after rumors of him dating her had spread like wildfire the day before.

At that time, Son Tae Young was once seen at the set because she was visiting Kim Sung Soo whom she has good relations with and belonging to the same company.

She thus had the chance to have dinner with Kwon Sang Woo which lead to rumors of them being an item.

Kwon Sang-woo, the most visible example of the so-called "mom-zzang" (slang for "great body") movement, started his career as a fashion model in the late 1990s.

His first acting experience was in the TV drama Delicious Proposal, and for the first few years of his entertainment career he received only minor roles on television, before debuting in Volcano High (2001).

In this year he also starred in My Good Partner, the world's first movie made for mobile phones, and in the music video collection Project X.

His next film released in early 2004 was also a great hit.

Kwon Sang Woo took to his official fan cafe to write on the 26th, "I'm writing this because I found it absurd after seeing a blind item [gossip] about Kang Ye Bin and I dating!