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It was reported that she uses the company to be paid for her acting, directing and writing in an arrangement which can slash tax bills.

There is no suggestion Ms Peake has done anything wrong, but some will think it is hypocritical given her strident views on taxation.

The Mail Online has contacted Ms Peake's representative for a comment.

Roxanne and Bill Wilson have financed and maintained the KV-63 website since 2006 and will continue to do so into the future.

It is one of the biggest dating sites with over 90 million registered users across the globe. Mingle2 is a membership service of which users pay to be a part.

It was originally a service called Just Say Hi, but the site transitioned to Mingle2 in 2008 and now works with many populations of singles.

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An actress and leading Corbynista who has railed against the 'super rich' has a company registered with a tax planning accountant.

In it she accused the Conservative Party of lonely looking after the 'privileged few' and urged voters to back Labour.

She says: 'The Tories have spent the past seven years giving the super-rich tax hand-outs worth tens of billions of pounds, while working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off.'She adds: 'The Tories want to use Brexit to turn Britain into a low wage tax haven for big business, putting millions of jobs at risk.'Labour is the only party which can be trusted to put the interests of working people first in the Brexit negotiations.'A spokesman for the star told The Sun last night that 'operating through a limited company is the most administratively efficient means of contracting'.

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