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Travelers applying for a US Visa in Switzerland were recently targeted by cyber-criminals linked to a malware called QRAT.

Based on the network activity, the file downloads a couple of JAVA libraries from the IP address of 95.211.141[.]215 which resolves to QARALLAX[.]COM domain.

It also connects to the same IP address using port 1714 which it uses as its command and control server.

The poster was referencing a 134 page thread filled with the images of female “slaves” surreptitiously snapped by hackers using the women’s own webcams.

“Poor people think they are alone in their private homes, but have no idea they are the laughing stock on Hack Forums,” he continued.

The man presumes that someone has hacked their computer. As Anderson wrote, the hacker has access to their screens, webcam, microphone, files and all other content on the device.

At one point, the hacker messing with the family pops up a message on their computer screen that read “achoo!

What they know is that laptops and tablet cameras can be hacked without users’ knowing it.

This is usually done with a remote administration tool (RAT), which by some estimates accounts for upwards of 70% of Trojans, a piece of software that hides on PCs to track activity and sometimes take control.

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