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OK they make sense from an environmental point of view, but do they really create enough jobs and generate the vested interests required to take them to scale?

Joana Naritomi is working with the state government of Amazonas in Brazil to see if the new emphasis on getting value for money by improving competition in public procurement of food, medicines etc is actually leading to officials having to accept the cheapest tender, even if it comes with lower quality.

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It was a fantastic tour d’horizon, as well as very funny watching some of our more verbose colleagues barely get past their introductory remarks before the guillotine came down (metaphorically).

I’m talking about a session at LSE’s International Development Department where each researcher was given 3 minutes to pick out a big idea from their research, policed by a very annoying buzzer.

Cześć, Nazywam się Hubert Walczyński, parę miesięcy temu obroniłem licencjat na SGH w Warszawie, a w tym roku zaczynam studia magisterskie na London School of Economics.

Spora część ubiegłego roku upłynęła mi na aplikowaniu…We now have support for these exchanges: FSE (Frankfurt), LSE (London), TSE (Toronto), NYSE, AMEX, NDQ, INDEX, CME, FX.

The LSE has struck a deal to buy the yield book, fixed income indices and world government bond index (WGBI) from US investment bank Citi, subject to regulatory approval.

The move will deliver cost savings of around 18 million US dollars (£14 million) and bolster assets under management at FTSE Russell to 15 trillion US dollars (£12 trillion).

James Putzel is looking at cooperative rural land ownership in China, contrasting the history of successful land reforms in eg Japan and South Korea, which resulted in limiting land markets (eg ceilings on land ownership, restrictions on sales), with recent advice from the World Bank advocating markets as solution (eg individual land rights).

He has found evidence in China that the rural poor benefit from cooperative land rights and the challenge is to democratise cooperatives rather than to privatise landownership.

Host Simon Watt will be asking, ‘Why do we fancy each other? And, perhaps most important of all, does love really exist? We’ve all fancied the weather lady and now she’s here to talk sex!

Wellcome Collection’s nationwide Sexology Season, which aims to explore how we perceive sex, what we know about sex and how research into these areas affects our sexual behaviour.

Wooing you first will be love doctors Dr Nikhil Masters from the University of Manchester and Dr Jeroen Nieboer of LSE with some ‘speed dating with a scientific twist’. Pole dancing, feminism and physics will intertwine during the Spinny Science lecture presented by Dr Matt Mears from Sheffield University and Dr Katayune Presland of the Royal Society of Chemistry.