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You get so used to playing the same character on a daily basis — and then to have to back out into the acting world, and the auditioning world — it’s hard to start from scratch again.

We’re putting together this list of the Top 100 Lesbian Movies Of All Time, a project which has involved a lot of surveying of other movie-watchers and has also required me to watch no less than 30 allegedly queer films over the last two weeks.

At school, oldest natural child Glenn (Chris Hunter) endeavors to make the pro-basketball circuit, which brings him to rivalry with Aiden Dennison (Matt Cohen).

Matt Cohen has been cast as Griffin Munro, a sexy new doctor that should bring with him both drama and romance.

We saw when Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) axed the obnoxious older doctor that was supposed to replace Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), that Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) was quick to make a call to bring a new guy into town. A script leaked by Ryan Paevey (aka Nathan West) for shows airing February 3 and 4 show Griffin among the characters for the episodes.

The story revolves around the Carlin family, who move to LA when mother Paula (Maeve Quinlan) is transferred to a hospital there.

While there, father Arthur (Rob Moran) specializes in relationship counseling, and the three kids complete their high school education.

Unlike Christian — who called Musgrave’s character, Ashley, “needy” in her recent interview — Mandy has different ideas about her character and what might have happened, had the series continued. You never know how long they’re going to last and you’re lucky if it goes past the first season.

Musgrave talked to After Ellen recently to defend her alter ego, dish about an as-yet-to-be-posted and make some wildly unsubstantiated claims about how girls kiss. Click here to skip them and go directly to the next page. [In the finale] she creeps into Spencer’s house, finds the college acceptance letter from Worthington on the refrigerator, and doesn’t say anything. So, I feel really lucky to have done the three seasons that we did.

Season 1 ends with Glen messing up his knee on a pick-up game and Paula almost buckling under the strain her job put on her marriage, while Spencer and Ashley finally hook up. The season introduces Kyla Woods (Eileen April Boylan), Ashley's half-sister, who moves in with her after the death of their father (played by CC De Ville from Poison). Meanwhile, Spencer comes out, Glen becomes addicted to painkillers and Clay faces the ultimate test when his girlfriend, Chelsea Lewis (Aasha Davies), announces that she is pregnant to him.

Clay dies during a drive-by shooting on Prom Night.

Mandy Musgrave was born on September 19, 1986, in Orlando, Florida.

Musgrave’s parents separated when she was two and they both remarried when she was four.

Later the same year in 2005, she made her debut on South of Nowhere as Ashley Davies.