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Morris Chestnut, star of Fox’s new series “Rosewood,” has earned his reputation as a ladies’ man.

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Featuring flags dating from the birth of the country through today, this exhibition highlights times of prosperity and depression, achievement and invention. This popular 288-square foot model includes over 35 diesel and steam locomotives and close to 50 interactive working accessories. Back then, you couldn’t watch a Black chick flick without seeing the tall, dark and handsome Chestnut playing some smooth, suave (and sometimes bad) man who swept the leading lady off her feet. ” This was the way my single girlfriends and I talked to each other after watching a movie with Morris Chestnut in it.On one hand, the characters he plays have a lot of qualities that most smart, successful women find irresistible: But he’s also a bad boy.He’s mysterious, unpredictable, and can leave you breathless. Men like the ones Morris Chestnut plays on the screen can leave you unexpectedly.The National Historic Register is the nation's list of properties worthy of preservation. Sloss Blast Furnace- testament to the South's post-Civil War efforts to diversify its economy. Listing is pending for Sixteenth Street Baptist Church - a major staging ground for the freedom marches of April-May 1963 and site of the September 15, 1963 bombing that killed four little girls. SW, early 20th century African American neighborhood Republic Steel Companys former plant, c. Shady Grove Baptist Church, 3444 31st Way North St.