My turbo tax is not updating

If you receive corrected tax statements your log-in credentials will always remain the same as they were on the year-end tax package.

Taxpayer is provided the option to update their address online.Check account to determine if the taxpayer changed their address online.Attempts to download tax data prior to those dates will be unsuccessful and result in an error message.Note: Victims of Hurricane Matthew in much of North Carolina and parts of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida may have until March 15, 2017, to file their 2015 tax return.In December, Congress and President Obama extended a variety of tax breaks covering college tuition as well as out-of-pocket educator costs.

But Oregon legislators didn't make the same changes in state tax law until March 8, leading to a disconnect and potentially higher state tax bill for early filers.

Portland State University junior Maggie Brown is buying books on spring break, so an Oregon tax refund could come in handy right now.

Hundreds of other Oregonians are probably in the same boat.

For more information on WMR, check out When To Expect My Tax Refund Tax Calendar.

However, finding the IRS reference codes has also been one of the hardest things to track down this year, especially with all the changes to the way the IRS is processing refunds.

This evening, an Intuit spokeswoman said updates reflecting Oregon’s changes would take effect Saturday morning.