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Thank you so very much for delivering the answers to my questions right on time as promised!

I am very happy to see the report and will make plans to go forward with the surgery accordingly based on Dr.

Our timely delivery of services and reports has helped a lot of people recover from negative phase of life with analyses of personalized reports prepared by experienced astrologers. J N Pandey and I would say that he is really good in his methodology and communicates difficult things with ease.

The Moon changes it sign every 2 & 1/2 days making it impossible to judge the Moon Sign by only the date of birth. As the key planets - Jupiter, Venus & Mercury come out of their retrogression. Horoscopes are delivered in your mail box in complete confidentiality.

The Moon Sign uses the date, place & time to bring greater precision & all your horoscopes & forecast are based on your Moon Sign on Indastro. Once upon a time, there was a learned Vedic Astrologer, well versed in reading the cosmic placements and interpreting their meanings.

Finding_Lucky_Times generates lots of data, depending on what planets, house cusps, Arabic Parts, asteroids, TNP's, midpoints, etc. Then it tells you when selected aspects become exact, as well as when they enter and leave the set orb. Also, this program is a work in progress - there may be bugs.

Please be prudent - I am not responsible for any losses you may incur in your research. I do the best I can to fix any I come across, but I would advise you to check things as you play with the program because maybe you will find something that I have missed.

There are millions of combinations of calculations and I cannot test each one individually. Once downloaded, simply double-click on the file to install the program.

The needed ephemeris files for the program are contained in the installation package.

Each of these people wrote ideas about how to find your lucky times when gambling, betting on horses, playing the lottery, etc.

This research program is made available to you as is so you may investigate their ideas for yourself to see if you can discover your lucky times.

Dubious and skeptical, the king asked, "Do you think you know more than God? "What do your stars have to say for today, do you have any idea what is going to happen to you? "Yes, Your Majesty", said the Astrologer with a sense of certainty in his tone.

Annoyed with his conviction, the king laughed a mocking laugh and ordered his men to blindfold him, and make him fall from the top of his palace to bite the dust and die.

Pandley's very kind answers and best wishes for my surgery.