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Nearly 30 percent of respondents also admitted having engaged in "naughty" calls over Skype.

The service has apparently saved many long-distance relationships, with 47 percent of those in such situations saying without the service the distance would have been too much.

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"Did you know," shouts Bill Nye (I don't know why he's shouting, but he is), "that when you make a cellular phone call your voice is transmitted as digital data, just like how a CD or DVD stores information? It's all very impressive, but who are they trying to impress?

And yet when you make a phone call from your couch, to tell your friend that Bill Nye is "losing his edge," the digital data of that phone call isn't routed over Wi-Fi through your home's fat internet pipes.

Users can take Skype on the go with mobile apps so they can chat anytime, or take these naughty calls or dates somewhere discreet. in Journalism (Broadcast) from Columbia University in May 2013 and has been designing personal websites since 2001.

This Valentine's day, we expect Skype users will be having a ball with their long-distance loves all over the world.

A fifth of respondents have had a date over Skype as well, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "online dating." We imagine this would involve getting dressed up, preparing a romantic meal and then turning on your computer to watch your significant other eat with you.

MORE: Best Dating Apps 2014 While this may sound ludicrous to some, 61 percent of respondents said that video calling makes them feel more connected even when they're apart, thus improving their romantic relationships.Fun fact: T-Mobile has a service called "Wi-Fi calling." Have you ever heard of it? Wi-Fi calling was originally launched as "Hot Spot @ Home" in 2007 by T-Mobile as a bid to compete with the landline.It was a reasonable idea, after all: by providing a reliable service inside the home, a cellphone could replace the stalwart landline, whose only technological advantage in 2007 was reliability and voice quality.I assume that you’ve already done it, and you probably know how to do it.But in case you haven’t, here a step by step guide to follow: Find a time when both of you have privacy and are not in any rush.Built on the little-used UMA standard, the service shipped on a couple of specially Wi-Fi-equipped mid-range featurephones and was promptly forgotten.