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Proud believes that sex work should be decriminalised to stop women from being pushed underground and put into danger.

Estimates suggest between 15,000 to 30,000 people in Holland are sex workers, in a nation of over 16 million people.

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Canal Digitaal is a little unusual as you require a satellite dish that has 2 LNBs capable of receiving both the Astra 19° east Satellite as well as the Astra 23.5° east satellite as well.

This is achieved by using a twin LNB called a Monoblock that allows the reception from 2 Satellites on the one dish.

“No matter how you think about sex work from a moral perspective sex work is something that is being done and no matter that your reasons are for doing this job, if you do it you are a real human just like anyone else who does any other job,” Luhrs tells “But we often don't look at sex work like that, we often problematise it.” Luhrs joined the group as it was fighting against a proposed law in the Netherlands parliament that would see sex workers sent to jail for six months if they worked without a license.

“There were no sex workers involved in the process.

In the video, a tiny Corsten races around in a model racing car while Bobbi looms overhead with the remote control.

During the 2010 World Cup, Eden attracted media attention after her 28 June Twitter announcement, in which she promised to provide oral sex for all of her Twitter followers if the Netherlands team won the World Cup.She had also modeled for magazines including Club, Men Only, and Soho.She appeared with Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten in the video for his single "Watch Out".We are now able to provide official Subscription Cards for Canal Digitaal.Canal Digitaal is a subscription Satellite TV service from the Netherlands and is the Dutch satellite provider.) is a Dutch pornographic actress and international magazine model.