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Encrypted (i3 Compression) video format: allows saving multiple cameras in a single backup file. The saved encrypted backup file can be opened in SRX-Pro Server, SRX-Pro Remote (Advanced Data Manager), Video Pilot Client or with SRX-Pro Player.

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AVI backups are less time-efficient: it will on average take over 4 minutes to back up a 10-minute video clip from 1 camera in AVI format.

It will take less than 10 seconds to back up the same clip in the Encrypted (i3dvr Compression) format.

and now this RPC is not returning anything that i already have in my Firewall address book.

It used to return the whole address book before i had the previous RFC executed. Intentionally i have executed the previous RPC on another firewall and now i'm getting the same result.This type of video backup does not require any additional software and can be opened on any PC that operates on Windows O/S.AVI backup allows adding embedded text caption to the video clip with such information as Channel number, Date/Time, Server ID, Frame number or Custom Text.Running below code on other firewalls will return the whole address book.Please follow instructions in this cheat sheet (page 2).Before we do this, however, there are a set of things that need to be installed on the AWS server--1)the Juniper-Ansible modules, 2)Juniper's Py EZ library, and 3)Ansible itself (Ansible installation instructions) # Downloading/extracting Juniper-Ansible modules [kbyers ~]$ cd TEST [kbyers TEST]$ wget [kbyers TEST]$ gunzip 1.1.0gz [kbyers TEST]$ tar -xvpf 1.1.0After I have downloaded and extracted the Juniper-Ansible modules, I then make a temporary WORK directory and a library subdirectory. 1 kbyers kbyers 4838 Mar 9 junos_shutdown -rw-rw-r--.