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They may have felt that they needed to be a perfect or perfectly obedient child.

This need to follow the rules then carries over into adulthood.

I do have my standards but they don't stop me from dating, they never have...

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OCPD may be caused by a combination of genetics and childhood experiences.In some case studies, adults can recall experiencing OCPD from a very early age.I'm on track to get a good degree in an area that pays well. Looking back, my mother's troubles with others was perfectionistic standards for herself and others.I guess I'm wondering how many of you guys been able to sustain good/healthy relationships and what kinds of people you feel you bond best with people who have OCPD? Which could lead to controlling or snarky behavior.In addition, OCD often begins in childhood while OCPD usually starts in the teen years or early 20s.

People with either OCPD or OCD are high achievers and feel a sense of urgency about their actions.

People with OCPD have the following characteristics: OCPD is often confused with an anxiety disorder called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). People with OCPD have no idea that there’s anything wrong with the way they think or behave.

They believe that their way of thinking and doing things is the only correct way and that everyone else is wrong. Like many aspects of OCPD, the causes have yet to be determined.

This perfectionism may interfere with the person's ability to complete tasks, because their standards are so rigid.

They may withdraw emotionally when they are not able to control a situation.

Just the thought of lowering my standards or giving someone who might not fit all my ideals a chance, but this induces so much inner turmoil, stress, and anxiety, I've considered just giving up completly.