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Now the problem is that you don't have a deep understanding of the culture's origins and meanings, so you should at least pay close attention to what you are about to imitate, preferably with some practice beforehand. Worse, in fiction (and on the Internet), wars have started that way.

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Membership rose from around 150 to over 700 by 1939, football declined and disappeared by 1932 as a result of the change to rugby at the School and the period between the wars saw a significant improvement in the quality of fixtures played for both cricket and rugby sections.Athletics was particularly strong at both the School and the Old Boys and was reflected in athletes winning Oxbridge blues, being members of the Great Britain Olympic team in 1948 and Derek Pugh winning a European Games gold medal in 1950.Cricket and rugby both had their successes on the field of play, including the famous victory over Harlequins in the Middlesex 7’s at Twickenham, and athletics continued to be well supported and successful. The 50th Anniversary Handbook produced in 1956 forms the basis of the story now set out for those years. To view some great photographs from yesteryear please visit have an extensive archive featuring all the O. Tennis too was well supported during the first 50 years with up to 18 courts available for play.

Despite post war austerity, improved facilities were added with the Memorial Lounge and upstairs changing room in the early 1950’s.

The most notorious form is middle class suburban white kids imitating the urban black culture.

Note that it's the middle class culture, not the race, that determines whether someone's a poser.

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