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Following a talk show clip of two women arguing about the merits of interracial relationships, hands shot up around the room.People thought both parties were basing their arguments largely on generalizations.

It still baffles me as to what exactly people are trying to achieve or find. When you're in a healthy, consensual and loving partnership, the last thing you'd want to do is fetishize your partner.

Here are five things interracial couples want you to know: Most people don't choose who they fall in love with. Literally no one wants to feel like a monkey in a cage, being ogled by onlookers.

Would love for the ladies of the BB&W Crew to chime in on their experiences dating Mexican men!

We’ve seen a lot of ordinary people, celebrities and other famous individuals getting into interracial dating and marriage and in today’s society, you might even think that there is no issue regarding interracial relationship.

The NAACP held a forum about interracial relationships Friday called Jungle Fever. The moderator started the conversation by asking how many people in the crowd were in or had been in an interracial relationship.

Nine people raised their hands, but when the moderator asked how many people had a problem with interracial relationships, no one came forward.Therefore, be prepared to meet and interact with people and frequent places such as bars, restaurants, hotels and even attend parties, social gatherings and events to find the right suitors.Tip Three: Flirting is the Key: Unless you give hints and flirt around with men, you aren’t really going to find the perfect match for yourself.So, here are essential interracial dating tips that you should know to make it last longer.Sometimes opening your mind and heart to love isn’t enough. A lot of people have been trapped by this dogma of thinking their relationship is perfect because they are different from the rest.As one half of an interracial couple, I'd like to put some of the hype to rest.