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Before I ever got into the whole crazy world of Pick Up, I was the Director of Training at a big gun range where I wrote and taught all of the advanced firearms classes.I left and started working for a private contracting company and helped teach some pretty badass guys some cool skills.

I would copy and paste to 10 women and it will return no less than 50% everytime. this one is newer haven't really checked the messages on the sites recently but feel free. you can't ask the same question that you were asked. this one is fun because it can be what ever you like. a good question to get it going for me is what's your most awkward sexual experience (6 words as to not break the rules) if she answers positively then game on if not then poke around until you get the convo sexual with cookie monster.

subject: DO NOT READ message: If you were cat you'd be in big trouble right now! at the peak of the convo after you are positive you've built the attraction ftc eject with the "can I trust you" close then text her later that night or next day with something clever so that she remembers you I.e. or this a cookie intervention, its for your own good don't fight it! the only way it will not work is obviously like any num close no comfort no numero lol gtalk me I'm good in a squeeze [email protected] 1st one - It's very "gamey" and awkwardly worded but it definitely has some charm.

so i said to myself this online thing is so delicate...within 2 lines of the conversation you can surmise that someone is either extremely cool and fun or make you want to delete you account and run for the ocean. Do i want to be mr ric suave and try to woo you to death! all the warm fuzzys rush back to her she WILL respond and then just don't eff it up and you're golden. 2nd one - like the 1st one but lamer Your whole vibe comes across as awkward which is bad, but you're consistent in your vibe, which is good.

so total we have 4 lines to decide if the ocean is worth running for..start..=) this one is my best one it works all the time with positive responses and immediate flirting same subject and use the same "if you were a cat" line well i thought about it for a second..i want to be mr funny haha and try to make you laugh right off the bat. nah that would make me seem way too serious...since this whole online thing is decided within the first 4 lines of the convo! (response) if I give you my number you promise you won't turn into my 2nd stalker this month will you? from the routine manual but in an online dating instant message convo it is perfect.

Part of Mystery Method in showing Active Disinterest.

These can range from sending your target little ambiguous comments to actual insults, depending upon the level of self esteem and social value of your target.

A woman who is used (unknowingly) to increase your social value.

They are created on the fly by gaming women who are not intended to be a target, so that you will be socially proofed in the eyes of others. Created by Ross Jeffries as a useful term used by Speed Seduction students, and now adopted by almost everyone in the seduction community.

which shows you actually read her profile and didn't go straight to the pix like we all do.

no eating cookies during this convo cookie monster!

Obviously women are a complicated case study, but that doesn't mean we can’t get a little insight from their dating patterns.