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· #hol (main HOL channel for everyone) · #quidditch (Quidditch channel for Quaffle play, used only during matches) · #snitch (Quidditch channel for Snitch play, used only during matches) · #grandstand (Quidditch audience channel, used only during matches) · #refchan (Quidditch captains and referees channel, used only during matches) · #staffmeeting (used for monthly faculty meetings) · #titan (alternative meetings channel) · #gryffindor (Gryffindor House channel) · #hufflepuff (Hufflepuff House channel) · #ravenclaw (Ravenclaw House channel) · #slytherin (Slytherin House channel)The official chat room has been changed to #hol as of July 14, 2008. That includes people who are from non-English speaking countries, people who are used to hanging out on My Space or Neopets, people who are a bit different or who happen to express themselves differently than the majority, people who just want to have some fun.Channel ops should only interfere if there is a reason to do so, they are encouraged not to actively police the channel and hunt down offenders - that makes everyone feel unwelcome and uncomfortable and it is not necessary.Buzz50 has the best over 50s seniors chat rooms anywhere on the internet and nobody has disputed this fact!

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The label requires: · No nudity · No sexual material · No violence · Mild expletives · No potentially harmful activities · User-generated content such as chat rooms and message boards (moderated) · This material appears in an educational context No nudity means there are no pictures of naked people posted anywhere on HOL. It does not mean that the fact that there is naked skin somewhere under the clothes is a subject that is forbidden to talk about.It is not offensive to talk about nakedness when it is not in a sexual context, ever. We offer free chat rooms with private messaging with no registration needed. You can set your own avatar, tell people what country your from, give your age and gender.Our website is optimized to work on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. We also have an about me section so you can give a summary about your hobbies and who you are. It may be the difference between you getting a private message.Hopefully integration within the already-popular Messenger app will help.

Whats App is probably one of the most used apps on any smartphone. Whether you are looking to text someone or want to send an image from your holiday to a group of friends, you are likely to pick up Whats App.

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its Messenger app — a public group chat forum functionality called Messenger Rooms.

It’s currently available on Android devices in Australia and Canada, with no word yet on when it will roll out to the rest of the world.

Now ESET, a company that offers security solutions including pretty nifty anti-virus apps for smartphones as well as computers, has come out with a few tech tips.

The company says that every Whats App user should use following tips to keep his or her Whats App chats safe and secure. Lock Whats App One of the best Whats App security tips is to protect the app with a password or PIN.

HOL has the "green light" from the Family Online Safety Institute (click on the ICRA link at the bottom of each HOL page), which is important because it is used for most parental control settings.