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Many of these artists made far more money outside of hip hop than they ever did selling records.

There are actually 22 artists on this list thanks to a handful of ties, we also included three bonus celebrities who are not rappers but have had a major influence on the genre.

This took a fire as he started to gain some amazing fan following resulting in selecting music as his permanent profession.

"Boy Looka Here" and "Good Things" both peaked around #50 on the R&B chart.In 2009 he released a single "Top of the World", which was part of the More Than a Game soundtrack album.We started off with more than 50 artists in the hip hop industry, then narrowed the list down to the top 20 richest rappers alive today.You may recognize a lot of these names and faces but you are going to be shocked by how much cash the richest rappers have.His self-titled debut album was released in early 2007.

Richards dropped out of his studies of mechanical engineering at Tuskegee University in order to concentrate on trying to rap.

Another track "She Luvs Me (She Luvs Mi Knot)" featuring Polow da Don was released on June 21, 2010. Dre and Polow da Don are confirmed producers for the album.

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Rich Boy's second album originally titled Resurrected in Diamonds was slated for a 2013 release.

The intended first single released off the album was "Drop" which had been released in the beginning of early 2009.

and it looks really awkward that an engineer is rapping but it is a big reality.