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Mike Lang, a repo man for Professional Recovery of Syracuse, hooks a car to his tow truck Tuesday on West Pleasant Avenue in Syracuse, shortly after repossessing the Suburban near Carrier Circle, in De Witt. As he steered a 21-foot flatbed truck toward Fulton on a bone-chilling January morning, Lang lit up a Marlboro, gulped an energy drink and wondered if trouble was lurking around the bend. Mike Lang has been struck by a car, threatened with a gun and offered sex by folks who wanted to stop him from doing his job.After repossessing an elderly couple’s car in Illinois, Jim Ford decided to pay off the debt and return the 1998 Buick back to the owners.

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A finance company had hired Lang to seize the auto. So Lang raced 30 miles to Hancock Field, the military base near Mattydale, where the debtor worked.

He gave the Suburban's owner 15 minutes to clear his personal property out before he towed the vehicle away.

A mascot heart suit opens to reveal a stripper in a skimpy black bikini: she writhes, sits in a man's lap, and he looks bored (we see her cleavage and the bottom of her buttocks).

We see the side and upper buttocks of a man and a woman that are about to have organs repossessed (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).

And you thought credit card companies charged exorbitant interest.

Parents need to know that Repo Men is a violent, gory sci-fi action film set in a dystopian future, and not to be confused with the movies Repo Man (1984) or Repo! The hero is a "repo man" whose job is to violently re-claim his company's property (artificial organs), which includes maiming and sometimes murdering people.

Thanks to Lang, Onondaga County had the dubious distinction in 2008 of being the repo capital of New York.

Repossessions resulted in license plates from 1,096 cars being surrendered to the DMV office in Onondaga County, according to state Department of Motor Vehicle statistics.

An Uber driver has been charged with false imprisonment after taking a girl under the age of 18 against her will.

Officers responded to a call of a female taken against her will in West Saint Paul on August 4.

With the help of friends in the auto industry, it only took one night for the campaign to raise ,500.