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The following are facts about fasting and aspiration risk.

The need for written consent may be determined by an institutional, local, or state mandate.Children of all ages should be NPO for clear liquids 2 hours before undergoing sedation.It may also be used during painful procedures such as bandage changes, repair of a laceration, or drainage of an abscess.Deep sedation may be given to prevent you from moving during a test such as a lumbar puncture or bone biopsy.You're packed, you have the health certificate and you are ready to take that much needed vacation with your pet.

You just have one more thing to decide: should you sedate your pet for the trip or not?Unfortunately what you and your pet prefer may not be what is safe or even necessary.Sedatives have been used for years to calm pets and reduce nervousness, usually in association with thunderstorms or fireworks.Deep sedation is medicine given during procedures or treatments to keep you asleep and comfortable.It will also prevent you from remembering the procedure or treatment.Recommendations for duration of NPO for solid food and nonclear liquids (eg, infant formula, milk) vary by age, as follows: The physical examination focuses on the airway, especially for anatomic variations.